Lisa Hanna

20 06 2007

Lisa Hanna

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

I just have to put in my 2 cents worth about this issue. I don’t know the lady and yes she has her degrees, one of which is a Masters in Communication, but excuse me please….what does Lisa Hanna know about government? The Government of Jamaica, with taxpayers’ money, finances 80% of UWI tuition for certain degrees. Couldn’t they have gone to UWI and scout persons who are pursuing a Masters in Poltical Science, Public Administration, Government, Development Studies, Gender Studies etc.? At least let taxpayers feel as if they are getting their money’s worth? Why Lisa Hanna? Is what so? Let me just say that I do not support the way in which she was rammed down the throat of her would be constituents. It goes against democracy, something that Jamaicans treasure! Anyway, I am still trying to figure out how she got this post overnight. Let’s see. Lisa Hanna may have been Miss World 1993, but is that sufficient? Yes, she builds a school or 2 or 10, is that sufficient? Does she truly understand the issues that rural folk have? Does she understand the poverty that has plagued these people since independence? Does she understand that the people don’t want an ex-pat or better yet, a visiting Plantation Owner? What makes it worst is that the woman was not even a registered a voter, member of the PNP and had no clue how to go about registering herself to vote… she for real? People… can this be? Somebody must have made a hefty contribution to the PNP….It has to be that! Do you know that up to the end of May she was a member of G2K, the JLP’s youth arm? And what makes me even angrier is the fact that Floyd Morris has the nerve to appear on the news saying that she should be given a chance and yes they hear the constituents but frankly the PNP couldn’t care less! PJ supports this move as well. Portia says God told her to put Lisa Hanna there as she only takes His instructions, screw what the people think!I think that this is nepotism at its highest level and I hope the people of SE. St. Ann vote for the oppositon or not vote at all. As someone who has spent the last 7 years researching and reading on Development issues, especially Third World Development…..mi couldn’t si miself a wuk unda dem people ya! I don’t usually agree with Bruce but I have to this time, when he told the people of SE St. Ann that if they never vote for themself before, this is one time they should! Is it fair that Portia Simpson Miller should select this candidate when the people from the area have rejected her? I smell something very fishy. Do you?



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20 06 2007

Fishy indeed. I totally agree with you and unfortunately money talks in JA and this is all about money and obviously lots of it.

20 06 2007

:-) It’s politics little one and the silly season is about to begin. Politics is a numbers game so the idea is to put something bright and shiny in the water in hope that the fish would bite. Do you think she could win?

20 06 2007

I don’t know if she can win or not. The Jamaican electorate is very fickle. They don’t vote on issues but on superficiality. I am just annoyed that democracy was violated….but then again what can we expect? It’s a typical feature of most Third World countries.

21 06 2007

Honest truth is, we never complained of Seaga being an ex-pat and he was Prime Minister. If we are clammering for a new breed of politicians, then we should mean it. Lisa may not have the political experience, so what? Who else in the parties had political experience before entering politics. We should remember that no one was born an expert but time and practice took care of that. I think we would be better served if we assist in ensuring that change takes place instead of preaching condemnation abd gloom.

24 06 2007

I beg to differ with the last comment on the board: people DID in fact complain about Seaga being an ex-pat, so much so that in order to prove to Jamaicans where his loyalty lies, he denounced his American citizenship. Lisa does have some political experience, she was a tried and true Labourite. She should stick to being a powerful man’s wife instead of worrying her little head about key issues and governmental policy. I doubt she had ever driven through South East St. Ann before hearing that she would be the candidate for the constituency. Jamaica does not have the time for her to figure out how to be a politician at this point. Peter Fakhourie knows the area, knows what is necessary for the people of that area, and listens to the people. He will make an excellent Member of Parliament for South East St. Ann. Lisa Hanna can give lots of beauty tips a flash that beautiful smile wherever she goes, she will serve the country much better in that capacity.

24 06 2007

Well to be honest, my vote is NO VOTE because nobody is forcing me to choose between two clowns who are going to rule the roost with the same plans….but different people. I shudder to think of Audley Shaw as the Minister of Finance when he couldn’t even run his own country petrol station. The only reason why I hope Lisa Hnna loses is because I want the people to prove that strength comes in numbers and nobody is going to force them to love someone they don’t want. If it is even for that alone I want to see Fakhourie win!

Note though that constituents are generally ungrateful and will vote for a newcomer who comes with a fresh curry goat lunch and a cold beer to wash it down!

27 06 2007

I saw Lisa Hanna on a Jamaican tv talk show being asked about her plans for the constituency. She said something to the effect that since it is an agricultural community they would concentrate on agricultural activities and a chicken rearing project would be implemented and she would be giving out chickens! I had this absurd image in my mind of her with tiara, sash and gown handing out chickens!

How have the mighty fallen from top of the world to top of the roost!

13 07 2007


23 07 2007

I have known Peter before he came out of the womb, he is true born Claremont man, and he is the the one to run in that area, what does Lisa know aboutthis area nothing? The Fakhourie family is a down to earth family, they welcome the rich the porr the ugly into their home, and the children have allgrown up to take a leaf from dad and mom’s book and even further Grandparents books.

If I was still in JA I woudl vote for him.

Peter best of luck from a Claremont born and grown

23 07 2007

Winsme…memba seh nuff people want Sista P fi win so if it mean fi vote Lisa Hanna dem a go dweet. Fun and Joke aside……what Portia did was bad…but like everything else in Jamaica, it’s a 9 day wonder…even me stop vex bout it….until her name come out in the papers again!

9 08 2007

Life is an incredible process , you ask these questions of Lisa because she is internationally and nationally known, but did you ask these same questions of all the new candidates?

Is there something special about SE St. Ann that makes those questions more relevant than any other constituency in Jamaica? What do you know about the candidates in NW St. Ann?

Portia didnt force Lisa on the People at at no time was she ever rejected, if a constituency say have 10,000 electors and 100 came out and vocally opposed a candidate would you say that candidate was rejected by ” the people”?

I tell you this those same very focal few were seen shortly after sporting Lisa’s t shirts.

9 08 2007

How is a PNP candidate selected?

In a recognised constituency (constituency fullfilling various requirements by the Party) the members of the Party in that Constituency (distinct from Supporters) have the right to attend a candidate selection conference and cast their votes. Note that this is not the end of the process and the Party Hierachy has final say on any Candidacy plus candidate must perform at a certain level from selection to make said candidacy valid.

In South East St. Ann the 4 aspirants couldnt agree on a common voters list and dragged on for months and in the interim there were numerous consultations with aspirants and constituents , there seem no resolution in sight and so the Party hierachy exercise the power vested in them by the NEC.

Another point all one need to be a good MP is the capacity to learn, willingness to learn, a genuine interest to serve the people and to be a genuine people person.

So that of who/what instructed Portia in this case is hogwash.

29 01 2009

My comment is two years late, but I would like to address Gianna’s comment.

I am not a PNP supporter in any way. However, I do consider myself a feminist.

To state that Lisa Hanna should shy away from politics based on her past history as a beauty queen seems disingenuous. Gianna is implying that because Lisa Hanna was once a beauty queen and a “powerful man’s wife”, she has no business with issues that concern the Jamaican people.

I disagree. Is she not a Jamaican citizen? Obviously, she cared enough to become involved in this…even if she is on the other side. Sheila and Fyahbox, I completely agree with what both of you have said.

Peter Fakhourie is indeed a fine person and so is his sister Shahine. Both are passionate about politics and human rights. However, this does not mean that Lisa Hanna should back down from being concerned about her country or constituents in ANY parish just because some people mock the fact that she is an ex-beauty queen. She is not a beauty queen anymore. She has matured since then. Having actually met her, I can tell you that she is quite intelligent.

Let us not resort to making judgements of ability, intellect, and character based on the way someone looks.
It removes credibility from what we are trying to say.

9 02 2009

Yep, if only she was ugly, then we could take her seriously…

15 04 2009
Romane Phillips

I certainly believe that most of the respondents above not to mention Gianna and Chrissy have been extremely cheeky and rude. In fact people should not judge or underestimate the powers of someone by simply looking at their physical apperance, But by first hearing and discovering what they possess spiritually inside and knowledge wise. Let these words be of some significance to you people out there who indeed are trying to imply that Miss Lisa Hanna cannot maneouver the job as a constituency member of parliament. Without knowledge and education, our world would not be civilized as it is today and here the Lord has put forth a woman that is smart,intellligent and dedicated to her country and her work. How dare you all underestimate the powers of a woman. Give her a chance, put yourselves in her shoes today and try to bare all these criticisions you give today.

1 07 2009

I recently had the privilege of meeting Lisa. I notice this post is a bit dated, but felt the need to comment on it anyway–especially in light of the comments that “money run things.”
The author rightly stated that Lisa was a member of the G2K, but didn’t delve into the purpose of that comment. If her intent was to suggest that people politicians cannot change their ideologies or parties and remain credible, I’d like to point out that Sir Alexander Bustamante, Karl Samuda and Christopher Tufton were registered members of the PNP. In fact, several members of both parties have been on “the other side” at some point in their political careers.
The list of disciplines mentioned by the author, though not exhaustive (since she concluded with “etc”) is very limited. It made no room for one of the most important tools a politician should have in his (or her) tool-box– that tool is “effective communication.” I can tell you first hand that Lisa is an excellent listener and eloquent speaker. Also, she has acquired a greater knowledge of her constituency in the past two years than many politicians have over several terms in office. I’m able to compare because I’ve had occasion to meet with several politicians.
But since communication isn’t one of the disciplines that adequately prepares one for politics, why do we give physicians a pass? I’m sure medical doctors have no policy experience (and the minister of health only has policy responsibilities). Would you prefer a career politician? I understand that you mistook the protests of a very vocal minority as a dissent by “the constituency,” but did you try to check this before posting? Did your research go beyond local newspaper clippings?
Also, Lisa wasn’t on the SE St. Ann voters list. Have you attempted to see the number of “popular politicians” who were not on their constituency’s voters list when they were first nominated? Are you aware that it is a practice for parties to shift astute politicians to “marginal” constituencies if they think the particular politician’s name recognition is sufficient to help them to win a marginal seat? Was Daryl Vaz (moved from East Portland to West Portland) on the voter’s list for East or West Portland when he was nominated in the last election?
Lastly, I strongly believe that a young lady who was born to a farmer and a hairdresser in rural Jamaica, yet managed to use her talents to reach out to Jamaica’s youths as a teen, win an international competition of brain and beauty, complete graduate school, work for international corporations (the likes of NBC) and run a successful firm is very qualified to run for any office in Jamaica. We need a few more Lisa Hannas, and less career politicians.

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