Barrington Irving

5 07 2007


Finally something positive from the soil has occurred in the form of Barrington Irving, the young JAMAICAN pilot who flew solo around the world. The only thing that saddened my heart was the fact that it took Mr. Irving’s living in the United States to realise his dream. This is so typical of what happens in Jamaica on a daily basis. We have the talent, but unless the talent is overseas and has accomplished a feat then he is not recognised by his motherland. Had he lived here they would have laughed at his idea and probably done everything to stop him from realising his dreams. I believe that Mr. Irving has done Jamaica proud and I think it is time for us to recognise local talent BEFORE they get to the great United States. Can we truly claim him?



One response

9 07 2007

Not everyone surrenders their citizenship when they leave the island.
Thankfully living abroad also will not at any time alter where we are born (an unfortunate fact for some)
…Out of curiosity why do people beleive that you are “less” Jamaican when you no longer live there or better yet feel authorised to state that you are less of a Jamaican when you migrate and are in less position to discuss what impacts the country?

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