Kern Spencer in hot water!

26 02 2008


Well mi dear ma and pa…..oonu hear the news? Ex-Junior Minister of whats it nots it inna HAT WATA! Mi nah mek bad ting mek laugh nor am I passing judgement….It is very unfortunate that someone as young as himself can consider himself finished in the political arena. But what struck me as odd was that all this bulb prize giving, mi neva get even a one watt bulb fi miself! But it seems that what is in the darkness must come to light……Here are some lessons from this story:

  – when yuh start tief small yuh will grow and tief big

  – Don’t apply for any job as any assistant to any official and then watch them TIEF and not say a word….yuh gwine jail to!

– The same knife weh stick goat stick sheep

– Tit for tat: You lock up my people and I’ll lock up yours! Even if it takes 18 years!

What’s your view?



5 responses

27 02 2008

knowing how caribbean governments usually do i’m surprised about this. hope some other governments do similar

28 02 2008
oswald rose

well mi dear mi hear di news yes, mi hear how him thief one whole heap a money we could have gone to some upliftment for the country: raise tearchers pay, raise everybody else pay, lower food cost, develope the machinery to produce aluminium from bauxite, develop the agriculture sector fix the crime problem in jamaica, buy some food and clothes for the homeless. Mi dear mi guess him have better things to do with it like put it in cashplus oh wait dat gone lol jamaica jamaica jamaica i cry for the blood u shed my heart mourns for your livity and freedom.It seems like the government is the devil, jps his his demons and the police are the babylonians. let us protect ourselves and baptise in unity and love come on let us do it

1 03 2008
mad bull

Kern must pay for his crimes. Any of them that are stealing must pay, whether JLP or PNP. Thats my position on it.

9 03 2008

Vey sad- i knew him, he was a nice person.

10 03 2008

It is sad to see all the corruption coming out now in Jamaica. This might be a good sign though for the island. This new government nah play

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