Who exactly is Jesus Christ?

21 03 2008


This morning I decided to watch a “Good Friday” movie or 2…..actually I am on the first one. Halfway through the film a thought came to me. Who is Jesus Christ? Most movies I have seen depict Him as blond-haired, blue-eyed guy, with shoulder length hair with a little flip in the back. Thanks to Hollywood, Jesus Christ has an American accent and speaks as if he is really on the frontier of a western movie. The language and gestures are very American .  So I decided to Google Jesus Christ images and again, came up with images as described above. Even a Black Jesus Christ came up as a “browning”……Herod, Pontius Pilate etc are all caucasian men….and the few darkies in these movies are……slaves, who use palms to fan their kings and queens…….

So….who is Jesus Christ?

Happy Easter!



4 responses

21 03 2008
Gordon Swaby

A fictional imaginary person created to satisfy and help adults and children alike in times of need (He doesn’t actually help them, but people think he does), oh and to bring in tons and tons of dollars, but whoever he i,s i tend to not want to believe in him, but that’s just me.

21 03 2008

does it matter what he really looked like. I think you just have to figure he looked like the folks who lived in palestine back in those days. they werent exactly white they probably werent exactly nubian either.

23 03 2008
mad bull

I’m with Jdid on this one.

7 06 2008

From my understanding of Jesus and my beliefs, Jesus could never have been blond haired nor blue eyed, as people of these discription, could have only have come from europe stock, even the Romans (i.e. Itallians) have tanned skin and brown eyes. from some of the little research I have done, he must have been black (from discriptions of his hair alone being like a lambs – ‘woolly’), Rememeber we are talking about the continent of Africa. With regards to film and pictorial references of him – Michelangelo, one artist who drew/painted images of jesus is only doing so in his own reference and it looks like a self portrait, further such images where done in a time of much racism (sadly still around), a white image would make whites more superior and non-whites more subservient and feel more inferior. Because of this, we should try to remember that the bible say that we should not worship any false images or artifacts and that includes crosses and remember and also remember that Africa is a continent of many shades (i.e. through the mixing of people over the centuries) of people.

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