Earth Hour

28 03 2008


Ok…every news site I visited today had a piece on this special hour called “Earth Hour” which is supposed to be tomorrow night (March 29) at 8pm your local time. I listened to City News from Toronto and every other report was about either Earth Hour, energy conservation or waste management. I was in awe as it appeared that every citizen interviewed in the street, from the womb to the grave had some knowledge on the importance of saving energy. One child said her school practiced today and had classes without electricity for an hour. Amazingly this little child was able to speak about the meaning of having energy saving bulbs. Then I looked outside and wondered just how many Jamaicans will switch off tomorrow at 8pm for an hour. However I think the bigger picture is EDUCATION. It takes education (and a whole lot of it) to appreciate the value of electricity, gas emissions, global warming etc. I was wondering if we will ever reach a stage in the Jamaican education system where these kind of issues are given priority in the school curriculum.

 For Jamaicans, the notion of waste disposal is tearing the wrapper off an item, stuffing it in a garbage bag loaded with fruit skins, bottles, eggshells, used batteries, milk cartons, paper, containers made from all sorts of material, then we pray the garbage truck arrives. When it arrives, we expect it to collect our waste and transport it straight to Riverton City dump (in the case of Kingston), then lighting a big bonfire and “bun down di place”. When will we start thinking about separating our garbage and being more responsible for our waste products..and when I say WE I mean all Jamaicans inclusive of the government.  Not to mention finding an alternative source of energy by encouraging people to install solar panels on their rooftops. When are we going to really take these things seriously?

 Anyway, back to Earth Hour…..are you turning off your lights tomorrow at 8 pm? I hope JPS at least makes an announcement in case we become conscious and turn off the lights at 8pm and all decide to turn it on at exactly the same time after the hour…..just in case the grid fries!



2 responses

29 03 2008
Gordon Swaby

Not ALL Jamaicans, the majority of us though, some of us are aware. I’m skeptical about JPS turning of lights tomorrow though.

2 04 2008

So, how did it go?

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