Free health care in Jamaica

2 04 2008

It seems like everyone is blogging about this issue and sentiments are mixed. My own view is not one of optimism because I believe that FREE SERVICES = POOR SERVICES. Mark you, they didn’t promise good services. What’s your view on the notion of “free health care”? This morning I heard Edith Allwood Anderson saying she needs 5000 nurses in the system to “start”, yet services are being given away freely (my words). Something is wrong with this picture. Nurses are short for many reasons (decline in nursing enrollment, migration etc), so how can we afford to give away free services if one labour component is short? I am waiting to see what will happen… about you?



5 responses

3 04 2008
Jamaican Dawta

Free health care sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, it’s a dream when one wakes up to the reality of the Jamaican economy, which is nothing short of a Freddie-Kreuger nightmare!

BTW, glad to have you back. I have some catching up to do.

3 04 2008

The short answer is:
There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

6 04 2008

This free health care just look like another “basket fi carry water” story to me. As you said this free health care does not mean quality health care especially with the factors involved.

29 07 2008
Lynne Norris

I am moving to Jamaica next year and currently live in the USA on disability. Can anyone tell me what the healthcare situation is like in Mandeville, Jamaica? Thanks.

17 09 2008

Work in the health sector, at an hospital, the free health care is total chaos. Impossible lines, crowd, medical staff a faint, patient a faint

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