“Kumina” meeting in St. Thomas

20 07 2007

Well people, the election season is starting to spice up. In this day and age, there was a “Kumina meet’n” in St. Thomas with all sorts of excitement taking place. I am beginning to wonder if this is Haiti! PNP supporters were heard chanting their spiritual songs asking the spirits to bring victory to the PNP!

The Gleaner report states that:

“As the group sang and danced, ‘spirits’ moved through the crowd and lodged themselves in the bodies of three women. Two of them were expertly controlled and danced out of their possession, while another ripped hair accessories from her head and stood looking with eyes wide open into the skies…..”

 Take a read:


DC’s view on Growth vs Development in Jamaica

20 07 2007

As always, DC presents a view that hits the nail on the head. I implore all Jamaicans to read the following article:


Portmore Toll Issue

14 07 2007

This morning the Jamaica Gleaner carried a story about the Portmore Toll issue being revisited. Now let me just say that when this 9 day wonder emerged, I was one of those who did not think the people of Portmore were reasonable. I didn’t know the time would come when I could blog about this…but here is my take on the matter.

 This is a typical case of crying AFTER the milk has spilt. When the residents saw the concrete structure being erected, why didn’t they go to court from the smashing of the first stone, to protest about this monstrosity in their midst? This is because, according to many a news report, the majority of citizens only got involved when the horse had already gone through the gate. So, the toll road opened, offering residents an alternate route via Mandela Highway. The residents decided upon themselves that this was way too inconvenient. Plain economics I say! Comfort and ease has a price tag! That is how it is in the US. Want a free road in Miami? You better get on that I-95! Want to drive with ease and comfort? Then you pay to jump on the turnpike! Simple! But no…..in typical Jamaican style, the freeness mentality reigns supreme. I have had many arguments with people about this issue and they always say that because I don’t live there I don’t know how people feel. Well, it is exactly for THAT reason why I take great offence to being asked to foot that bill further, when I don’t even live in Portmore. In fact I would get lost in Portmore if I were to get on that highway! Currently, taxpayers subsidise the toll road and for all of those who are taking up for the residents who are huffing and puffing, you need to bear this in mind:

1. The road is currently subsidised by YOU the taxpayer

2. The Portmore residents are asking YOU the taxpayer to subsidise further, through the increase of the subsidy.

3. Do YOU the taxpayer think it is fair that you should be pulled into this when you are an already stretched taxpayer?!

These are the arguments I have always voiced when the issue raises its ugly head. Portmore residents have been rising from as early as 3am daily just to get to work in Kingston from the devil was a boy. When I spoke to a few friends (who oppose the cost of the toll road), they say they can catch a few more Zs with the opening of the highway and they welcomed the extra snooze. Up to now, Portmore residents have yet to tell the rest of the country how much petrol they are saving by driving on the highway. There are just some things that cannot be measured in dollars and cents and these people don’t seem to understand that.

 I am fully aware that I may get a lot of flack for my opinion, but this is just what it is…MY OPINION!! Development comes at a cost and you can’t want free roads and expect the rest of the country to pay for it for you! Taxpayers currently subsidise Highway 2000. This highway brings economic benefits to rural citizens and I have no problem with that. Any day I am going to use it I know I have to PAY! If I don’t wish to pay, I have to pay for it with the bumper to bumper traffic in Old Harbour. Plain and simple! Besides, when I look at the cars and SUVs pushing out of Portmore daily (on the TV), it would seem to suggest that the “Portmorians” have their priorities all wrong! Some of those vehicles rival the size of the predominantly “matches box” accommodation! You need to set your priorities straight and stop forcing the rest of Jamaica to pay your bills! Nonsense I say!

Barrington Irving

5 07 2007


Finally something positive from the soil has occurred in the form of Barrington Irving, the young JAMAICAN pilot who flew solo around the world. The only thing that saddened my heart was the fact that it took Mr. Irving’s living in the United States to realise his dream. This is so typical of what happens in Jamaica on a daily basis. We have the talent, but unless the talent is overseas and has accomplished a feat then he is not recognised by his motherland. Had he lived here they would have laughed at his idea and probably done everything to stop him from realising his dreams. I believe that Mr. Irving has done Jamaica proud and I think it is time for us to recognise local talent BEFORE they get to the great United States. Can we truly claim him?

No Money Honey!

29 06 2007

Today’s Jamaica Gleaner Headlines read “No money honey!”. What an amusing article indeed. The majority of Jamaicans believe that whether or not a woman earns more than a man, he should still pay her alimony should the marriage dissolve. What a dark day for women in this country! For many years women all over the world have fought and are still fighting for equality and yet it appears that it is only selective equality. They want equal pay, equal shares in home ownership, whether or not they invested 50% and the best one is this: If a man marries a woman who has children from a previous relationship and the relationship dissolves, the man is obligated not only to pay his spouse maintenance, but also his biological children with the woman AND the children she had before, regardless of his income. Jamaicans need to get with the programme! You want equality, then damn well pay for it too! The law should not protect women from their poor choices! It’s nice to have a man open the door, pay for a meal etc., but women can do the same thing and there is nothing wrong with it. Thank God for a law like that, maybe women can stop using men as a means to capital accumulation and go work for your own damn self. When the man doesn’t pay the burden falls on taxpayers, of which I am….and I don’t have any children because I can’t afford it. Instead I am forced to finance careless women who want to have out their lot! Anyone has any opinions?

World Cup Cricket Post-mortem

27 06 2007


The excitement of World Cup Cricket in the Caribbean this year has come and gone. Let me just state that I was not in agreement with the Caribbean hosting such an event. It is widely believed that the Caribbean would experience long term benefits from such an event, but can the region wait for long term benefits when we have so many pressing issues? They claimed that since Caribbean economies depend mainly on tourism, it would be a great opportunity to showcase the region and hopefully people would return. I am sorry to sound so pessimistic, especially when the goats have probably returned to the stadium in Trelawny to feast on new growth. I apologise if I sound negative when I think of all the social issues the region has facing and we have pumped our money into something with no guaranteed returns. Crime, education, unemployment etc. are a few things that come to mind when I think of how much money was spent on this event. Yes, we enjoyed it…..it aided our lack of productivity for a while and gave us a lot of free time on our hands. In the case of Jamaica, some school children had a nice vacation break….but was it really worth it?

Eating out around Jamaica

19 06 2007

Eating out

One of the things I love about this dearly beloved country is the variety of cuisines. Indian, Chinese, Italian, American…you name it…it’s here. However, one of the things I loathe about dining out is poor service. Any horror stories out there? Mine are numerous but I would love to hear what others have to say about their experiences. Comments anyone?


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